NYC Bicycles: An Ethnography of the Bicycle at Rest in NYC

Parked and chained bicycles are ubiquitous in NYC.  The forms, styles and character represent a multitude of personalities both in overall form and especially in the details.  On it’s own – chained, locked, propped – each bicycle occupies it’s own space amidst the urban landscape.  Its “connection” to the environment is both aesthetic through its pose and confined through its means of locking to the various street apparatuses.  While explicitly connected, the bicycle is still – at rest, perhaps.  In this state, it may be overlooked or examined in fine detail.  I consider my visual exploration of the bicycle at rest to be a visual ethnography.  The photos I make of its machine “species” seek to meet, understand, respect and recognize its co-existence in the urban habitat.


NYC Bicycles: A Visual Ethnography of the Bicycle at Rest in NYC
Selections from an ongoing photo essay project documenting the NYC bicycle and its details while at rest in the city’s boroughs.
Running Time: 01:46
Production Credit: Photographer