Family Image and Story Archive

A recurring part of my childhood included browsing through boxes of old family photos with my cousin at my grandmother’s house.  The multilayered airs of mystery given by the contexts and inhabited spaces; the postures, gestures and expressions; the clothing and bodily styling; and the animals and technology each pictured human related with in the image fascinated us.  Without background information provided by our grandmother or other family members, we would imagine wild and fantastical scenarios in which the pictured were heroic, adventurous and amazing people –  quickly reflected back upon us since we came from them.  My mother and her sisters now often browse the boxes and recount memory and story to explain the individuals, their connections and circumstances – and their recollections often vary – sometimes drastically.  These shared moments of memory among them intrigue me and I have begun a project of recording their conversations while they browse, while also taking photos of their sessions.  The goal is to construct a short film, which illustrates the non-linear nature of memory – and belief – in aims of then achieving a more extensive project in which the photographs reside in an online database with an interactive interface that allows the wider family to record their memory, information, explanation of the photographs.