I have always gravitated toward the study of media practice and critique. As a teen I discovered photography and its ability to create representational instances that can communicate multiple layers of meaning.  During high school, I bought my first 35mm analog still camera equipment and proceeded to teach myself the technology and the craft.  Later, in university studies, I continued with technical courses in photography then video, film, audio and multimedia as part of larger contexts of study in social sciences, communication, media studies and media philosophy.

My teaching, production and research have consistently explored cultural and social practice through media representation.  My academic training is based broadly in media/cultural theory and analysis by way of image studies, more specifically in the philosophies and politics of virtual identity construction and relationship with media representations of self and others.  My professional training is in photography, video, film and multimedia production and I have worked creatively and professionally with these media formats in the roles of producer, director and editor for many years.

I have a commitment to the foundational histories and theories of media systems and to the inclusion of experimentation and engagement with technology to produce new outcomes through our relationships with media technologies. I emphasize that it is necessary to understand representational theories and employ critical thinking in the creation and reception of media.  Visual and image studies, documentary and experimental genres and style, notions of embodiment of mediated message and application of its constructed meaning occupy my thinking and are articulated in my work and teaching.

Burris CV_December 2017